KPS Liquid Force Foil Assembly

KPS Liquid Force Foil Assembly
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  • Item #: KPS Foil Package
  • Manufacturer: Liquid Force

Now begin foiling for $589. The KPS Liquid Force Foil Package is a great entry level foil system that is versatile, adaptable and upgradable in the future. The package includes the LF Blue standard mast, 71cm aluminum fuselage, 61cm aluminum fuselage, low aspect wing set and board track hardware.

You can also shorten the learning curve of foilboarding by adding the 60cm (24") short mast. You will be able to learn more quickly with shorter falls to the water. It is also great for kiting in shallower conditions. 

The Liquid Force Foil System allows you start, progress and upgrade your foil experience as your skills improve. You will be able to change the wings out for the higher performance wings from Liquid Force or custom designers like Jim Stringfellow.  The Foil Assembly will work with most foil decks with a track system. 

Foiling is a new paradigm in kiteboarding, having a smooth, fast, silent, flying carpet is the main goal! 

The modular set up of this foil system allow you to change the ride and if you damage the fuselage or mast you can purchase just the replacement, not an option on most carbon fiber foils.

  • 61cm Fuselage 
  • 71cm Fuselage
  • Happy Foil Blue Mast and Collar
  • Front and back low aspect foils
  • Foil Travel Bag
  • Track mounting hardware   

For only $589 you can be foiling tomorrow. 

You can upgrade to the 71cm carbon fuselage for $275. 

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Price $1,249.00
Sale Price $589.00