2016 Slingshot RPM Kiteboarding Kite

2016 Slingshot RPM Kiteboarding Kite
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  • Item #: 16120
  • Manufacturer: Slingshot

The amazing and refined Slingshot RPM. This is a shop favorite and has loyal fans everywhere. The kite is ultra stable, built bombproof and has versatility. The RPM excels at freestyle, wakestyle and rips in the waves. The RPM is lightweight with 3 struts and a short bridle system. The RPM relaunches efficiently and the short bridle prevents bridle wrap. Beginners love the stability and feel of the RPM. Experts and Pros love the kite for kite loops, boosted tricks and unhooked stability and feel.

Extra discounts on the 9m and 12m. 

The RPM has a fuller more square wing tip so when the kite turns you actually feel it. This is a great benefit for the beginner because they can feel the kite move rather than having to look at it. Same goes for the advanced rider that needs to be very precise with kite placement and turning. They want to feel where the kite is and the power and bar feel through the turns is a benefit.

Also for 2016 Slingshot improved the canopy lay out to reduce flutter while increasing strength, tweaked the IRS Bridle to make the kite more responsive, and added the quick inflation One Pump Speed Inflation System. 

2016 4.5m RPM is sold out...

Slingshot 2016 RPM Tech Specs:
• Available in 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12m sizes
• Three Strut Design
• Open Delta C Shape
• One Pump Speed Inflation System
• IRS Bridle System
• Pulley-less Bridle System
• DP 175 Dacron
• Split Strut Integration Construction
• Surf Tough Seams
• Diamond Leech Trailing Edge

Recommended Bar Sizes: 17" for 4.5, 6, 7, 8 and 9m. 20" for 10, 11 and 12m. 23" for 14m or larger.

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