2015 Slingshot RPM Kiteboarding Kite

2015 Slingshot RPM kiteboarding kite
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  • Item #: 15120
  • Manufacturer: Slingshot

The 9m is $650. The 12m is $750. The 2015 Slingshot RPM is a fantasic blend between the super agressive full c-kite and the forgiving delta. The RPM built on a Open C-kite design giving it a large depower range yet still gets a lot of the pull, pop, and slack of the full C-kite. Excellent at absorbing gusts, the RPM is the kite we recommend if you are kiting in gusty wind conditions. 

New for the 2015 RPM is the IRS bridle system which incorporates a bungee rather than a pully or slider. Instead of having to wait for the slider or pulley to slide over to initate the turn, the bungee acts as a replacement and reacts instantly giving the kite a faster responding feel. Also the 2015 RPM uses the fast pump system making it easier and faster to get out on the water.

Slingshot has also redesigned their Kite bag with an ergonomic feel and with straps to allow you to attach the board right to the bag.


2015 RPM from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.



"The RPM is my favorite kite design and I have been riding it for several years. It is very predictable because the kite has amazing feel and is easy to keep track of in jumps and unhooked tricks. The kite is the lightest design of the Slingshot kites and it drifts well. I really like the kite for learning new tricks. The kite relaunches really well but some more wave oriented kite and delta shaped kites relaunch more quickly." DJ

"The RPM is one of the best "do everything" kites I have rode. It is responsive and predictable which makes for an all around enjoyable ride whether I am unhooking, jumping big, or carving on a surf board. This kiet has really been a fantastic tool in my progression in both freestyle and wakestyle riding. Likewise I have not used I kite I like more in the waves or in really high winds." Garrett 

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Price $1,299.00
Sale Price $650.00